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[FAN-ACCOUNT] The last day A-Prince in Singapore

2013.05.20 (Sungwon bias)

Woke up in the morning around 10am. Texted my supervisor that last minute I can’t go work. (Of cos didn’t say to chase idols.. LOL) Then texted Yiling to meet at noon. When we reached their hotel. There are already have fans there waiting. We went to our stalking van & wait. Around 1pm? A-Prince came out & we began to stalk. They went to sit the tour bus at Singapore Flyer. & began film shooting. (maybe for MV?)

At first we wanted to take the tour bus but fans only can be at lower deck & they’re at upper deck. That day was so hot! 35 degrees! They was putting on sun screen. Our van with loud music of theirs & they are surprised & happy! So we tour around Singapore with A-Prince! hahaha After they tour around. They went to a colorful building near Raffles? to film music video? Fans can’t take any photos/videos. We are standing there in a row & facing them holding our fan boards! ! From Seungjun, Woobin, Sungwon, Minhyuk & Siyoon.
Ester, Criscilla, Me, Jasmine & Yiling. THEY WERE LOOKING AT US SMILING WHILE WALKING TOWARDS US!!! Then we keep stepping backwards!! Omg~ So shy!! Then a security guard came & say that they can’t film here. -_-;;
Fans was being chased away saying we blocked the path. Then our happy mood are like ruined. We seat there in a row. Then Sungwon came to ask all fans: “Where you come from?” I was the 2nd last & when it’s my turn I say Singapore~ He was in front of me! I was dumbfounded that moment! OMG~ Then he went back to his members & crew team. He is so nice~ Came & entertain us!

After they filmed there, they went to Anderson bridge to film. The weather was so hot! So 5 of us ran to buy ice-cream for them. Cookies & cream~ Then we ran back. But Sungwon, Seungjun & Minhyuk went to the toilet so we waited awhile & Siyoon & Woobin was filming first. Then when Sungwon came back I pass the ice-cream to him! He said “Thank you~” & gave me a hug! Then a fan took a photo with him when I’m behind them. >_< After they take finish, I quickly standby with my phone. He took my phone to take selca! I don’t know how I asked him to take photo together. LOL (body language?) I looked at him eating the ice-cream & he asked a stylist whether want to eat. LOL Then we stand/sit at a side. They went to another side to film near the river. Sungwon pick up a plant & scared Woobin that he ran away. (Sungwon teasing maknae) Sungwon broke the plant & smell it & give a 😖 expression. hahaha Then he gave a Eurasian passer by. Seungjun kept hopping & Ester told him to be careful & he said “I’m ok & I’m strong.” Siyoon kept filming the scenery. Minhyuk was filming his part somewhere. Then moved to another side in front a museum to film. Sungwon taught us the hand movement of the dance. They filmed the dance part. We were at the side looking & dancing with them too! Then they went to a tunnel to film. After that ended of the filming.

They went back to their van & we went back ours. It’s around evening & they went to eat at The Central. We didn’t follow them so we bought our own dinner & seated near lift to eat. 😢 I bought “I ♥ Singapore” Sticky candies for Sungwon! After we ate we wanted to buy bubble tea but van uncle said they left! We panic & ran to our van! Then uncle drove very fast to their hotel. We reached before them! LOL then we stand by at the entrance & I managed to pass him the candies! I called Sungwon! Then he look at me~😍 Phew~ The hotel staffs was blocking me.. >_<

We waited until 7 plus they came down to the hotel lobby & wait. We are outside the hotel. Then the hotel management & CEO of A-Prince allow us to take photo with them! Omg~ Then we waited for our turn. When we go in I totally dumbfounded again! OTL
I don’t know is group photo first or selca first so I was holding my phone looking at the organizer & then look at Sungwon twice! Then Sungwon say 빨리~ 빨리~ (So cute!) Then I quickly take a photo with him! 😘 This time he didn’t take my phone during selca maybe because his hands was full of presents. Then I pass him the Mickey Mouse neck pillow with my Polaroid photo. Actually still got a bit of time to talk to him. But I stand there like a fool looking at him. So awkward! 😣 Then our group took a group photo with them together. After awhile they went up their van & Sungwon opened my plastic bag & put on the neck pillow! OMG~ (I hope he keeps my Polaroid photo) Then they’re signing posters in the van. The van set off to the airport & after awhile some members fell asleep. The girls cried in the van. The crying feeling didn’t came upon me just yet. Then we reached the airport Yiling cried. Actually I nearly cry at the airport. Holding my tears. I kept thinking when will I see them again. Will Sungwon still remember me. A Korean staff asked us to recorded a message for them. So we did. But we are all sad faces. They have some problems when checking in. After they checked in, they came down & so many fans mobbed them. Some nearly fall down. I only can see Sungwon from a distance when a guard blocked me. When they went in, we was standing at the glass panel. They waved goodbye. 😔 We ran upstairs to see then saw Seungjun & Minhyuk. Then we came back down to the glass panel & saw Sungwon walked pass! hahaha He must be shopping~ Miss them so much.. Especially Sungwon! 😢

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